Trip over old Shanghai

Beautiful parts of the city


May 23, 2021

While living in Shanghai in 2010-2011 in a wonderful Xujiahui district, where I was working at the Observatory under the support of Academy of science, the desire of walking along the old streets in search of historical buildings came to me.

The book "Shanghai Hengshan Road Travel Guide" found in the shop of Shanghai Library helped much. The photos I made and some explanations, presented below, in general follow this book. Later, during the conferences in July 2013 and 2014 at ShAO, we had a chance to see more and added trips and photoes.

The plan of this site follows the similar project Trips over literary Odessa, dedicated to this wonderful city on the Black sea coast. Shanghai is also the city near the sea. Though its buildings mostley belonged to reach businessman and politician, we still found literary places and hope to add more photoes in the future. The main goal of this project is to transfer this spirit of Shanghai, where air is full of old Asian magic, and Creative freedom, the Sunligh and See breeze. The streets are full of leaves of sycamore, aroma of spices, famous Shanghai beauties and mix of different cultures on the old Chinese land. Let's travel over these pages and feel this attraction of marvelous city with mix of cultures and traditions from all over the world.


May 23, 2021

The first trip

Xujiahui observatory
Zi-ka-wei Bibliotheca
Convent of Holy Mother
St Ignatius Cathedral
Xuhui middle school
The Community Church
T.V. Soong residence
Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church
Residence of Sun Yat-sen
Old French building

The second trip

The Municipal Council Mansion
Residence of Captain Marshall
Sculpture of Pushkin
Residence of Bai Chongxi
Residence of Ding Guitang
Former Jewish Club
Residence of Tang Xinghai
Residence of Rong Hongyang
Residence of Sheng Chongyi
Residence of Cai Yuanpei
Soong Ching Ling house
Jiaotong University

The third trip

Lyceum theatre
Cathay theatre
Shanghai Excibition Center
Shanghai Concert Hall
Lyceum building
Former Union Church
Former Shanghai Rowing Club
Former British Consulate
Russian Consulate
Wai Tan - The Bund
The Bund Observatory
Lao Bei Men - Old City

The fourth trip

La Villa Rouge
Shanghai No 4 high school
Lu Xun house
Uchiyama bookstore
Heng Feng Li new style houses
Duolong lu in Hangkou district
Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall
Unknown building at Nandan lu.

The fifth trip

Former racecource
Wayfoong House
Church at LaoBeiMen
Fire Station and nearby building
Du Zhongyuan residence
German Style House
Catholic Nunnery
Internationa cemeteries

The sixth trip (Hudec architecture)

Park Hotel
Moore Memorial Church
Union building
Normandy apartments
Hubertus Court
Sun Ke's residence
Hudec's Residence
Estrella apartments
Columbia Circle



A 17th-century painting showing the city wall of the Old City of Shanghai and the river port outside the wall.