Fifth trip

When the spring comes, everything is green through the window
Young girl embroiders the ducks, dreaming of marriage
Suddenly the stick of fatum separates them
"Four Seasons" song from the film "The wandering songstress"

Fine arts museum -- former hippodrome at Peoples square.

Wayfoong House, completed in 1928. Sizhou zhong lu 220.

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church (1866) and Cathedral school (1928) are located on JiuJian lu 219. Restored after Cultural Revolution.

Old church at LaoBeiMen

Old Shanghai Fire Station built in 1911, HuaiHai Zhong lu 193-3 .

The building near old fire station on Baochang Road Huaihai Zhong Lu lukou. Was under reconstruction in 2012.

Du Zhongyuan residence, built in 1923. 1897 Huaihai Zhong lu.

German style house -- Yan'An Xi lu 939.

Former Catholic Nunnery at XuJiaHui. Building reconstructed near the Shanghai Film Museum

Internationa cemeteries. Presented on a separate page.

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