Trip over old Shanghai


Third trip

Our meeting is Victoria Regia: rarely flowering.
Before and after it the life is elegy and hope in dream.
Igor Severyanin

Lyceum theatre

Lyceum theatre (Maoming South rd 57) - founded in 1930 thus theater continue to attract public.

Cathay theatre

Cathay theatre (Huaihai Zhong Lu 870) - constructed in 1930 by architect C. H. Gonda. The first movie "The Gate of Soul and Flesh" shown here in 1932. Additional floor added in 1986. .

Shanghai Excibition Center

Shanghai Excibition Center (Nanjing West Road) - the gift from the Soviet Union, built in 1955.

Shanghai Concert Hall

Shanghai Concert Hall. The building was founded in 1930 and moved in 2007.

Lyceum building

Lyceum building (185 Yuangmingyuan Road) is in this built on the block by the Shanghai Land Investment Company in 1926 and 1927.

Former Union Church

Former Union Church (107 Suzhou Nan Lu) is a former Protestant church in Shanghai, built in Gothic style in 1886, restored in 2010.

Former Shanghai Rowing Club

Former Shanghai Rowing Club (76 Suzhou Nan Road) build in 1905, restored in 2010.

Former British Consulate and Embassy in Shnaghai

Former British Consulate and Embassy in Shnaghai (YuanMingYuan Road - Suzhou Nan Road).

Russian Consulate

Russian Consulate (20 Huangpu Road) is in this building near Waitan since 1917.

WaiTan - the Bund

WaiTan - the Bund is the famous river bank of Huangpu. The Customs house with the famous clock - copy of Big Ban, which governs the rhythm of the city, banks in neo-classical style, best restaurants and shops are along the Bund, full of tourists. The building of meteorological observatory, build in XIX cnt to provide information for the port, is situated in the center.

The Bund Observatory

The Bund Observatory was built in 1907 for meteorological observations as a part of Shanghai observatory.

Behind the Bund you still can find many old company buildings and houses, Such as former Shanghai-Nanjing Railway Administration Offices built in 1911 and others. Less and less old buildings remaine.


The quarters of the old town are full of Shikumens . This traditional Shanghai buildings have very dence population. The museum of Shikumens is located at Xintiandi.

Lao Bei Men

Old city has four gates - Lao Bei Men is an old northern gate. Many buildings of the beginning of XX cnt still carry the spirit of old Chinese Shanghai, where some tenth years before you would not be able to explane anything in Putunhua, because all native people were speaking Shanghai hua.

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