The second trip

Then China rising like a dream
brings, new times and many changes.
Now home, and held in high esteem
you even know three languages...
Colin W Campbell

The Mansion of the Municipal Council of French Settlement (79 Fenyan Rd). Presented on a separate page.

Former residence of Captain Marshall, American envoy in China (160 Taiyuan Rd) lived here in 1945-1947. The house is a copy of Luis XIIII palace in Renaissance style. Now the hotel.

The bronze sculpture of Pushkin, Russian poet (cross od Dongping, Yueyang and Fenyang rd) set up in 1937 by Russians living in Shanghai. Despite its size, it is one of the most noted sculpture in the city.

Former residence of Bai Chongxi (150 Fenyan rd) built in 1920 and was a residence of French adventurer Spilman. The Kuomintang captain Bai Chongxi lived here. His sun, a Taiwan writer also visited the house. Now the Paulenar Barhaus.

Former residence of Ding Guitang (45 Fenyan rd) built in 1935 and designed by Morrison Hunt, the house belonged to the head of Shanghai Customs before 1949. Now the Shanghai Customs College.

Former Jewish Club (20 Fenyan rd) is now the Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments at the territory of Shanghai Music Conservatory. The Jewish influence on Shanghai's music was greate. Many of Jews were from Russia. The establishment of the state of Israel, including Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion's speech, was read to the community in this building in 1948.

Former residence of Tang Xinghai (1431 Huaihai Zhong rd) now the French Consulate. The house belonged to textile tycoon Tang Xinghai.

Former residence of Rong Hongyang (Huaihai Zhong rd Wulumqi Rd) built in 1921 and belonged to the riches family in China. Since 1930 till 1945 it was a Consulate of Switzerland.

Former residence of Sheng Chongyi (1517 Huaihai Zhong Rd), the son of notorious oficial in Qing Dinasty. Build in ~1900. Now the Japanese Consulate. Since 1949 - the house of Women's Association. Now the US Consulate.

Former residence of Cai Yuanpei (16, Lane 303, Huanshan Rd). The scientist in 1937 moved from his old residence to Haigelu. Now it's a museum.

Soong Ching Ling memorial house (1843 Huaihai Zhong Rd). Build in 1920 by the British Captain of the Swire Shipping company, the house was taken by Kuomintang and given to First Lady, wife of Sun Yat-sen in 1948.

Jiaotong University (1954 Huashang road). Presented on a separate page.

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