Shanghai International Cemeteries

Who is it that is tapping on my window?
Who is it that is plucking the instrument's strings?
That segment of good times that have been forgotten
Gradually rises up from the bottom of my heart
Forgotten times

Cemetery Wanguo Gonmu at Hongqiao lu Songyuan lu lukou is the only one remaining foreign cemetery. The memorial and the mausoleum of Sun Qin Li (1893-1981) is located here. Originally, this cemetery was organized in 1909 for reach Chinese famous Chinese Jews. It was demolished in 1966, then reconstructed in 1981.

Cemetery Hanzhao(Honqiao) at Panyu lu Hongqiao lu lukou was build in 1926. West part was called Hongqiao, east part - Columbia. Hongqiao part was divided into German and Russian ones. In 1945 they were joined, then demolished and now this territory belongs to Panyu park. Some people remember long bones of europeans, excavated from the ground during the creation of the park.

For details please see the book by V.G. Sharonova "Necropol of Russian Shanghai", Moscow, 2013

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