Fulbright grant

was given to L. Zotov in 2008 for giving lectures on the Theory of filtering and time series processing at the School of Erath Sciences of Ohio State University. He was invited by professor C.K. Shum to the Department of Geodesy. L. Zotov was in the USA since 5 November, 2008 till 2 July, 2009

The course of lectures was given in the winter quarter as the three credit hours seminar course GeodSciM 887. Besides lectures once a week there were labs, where students learned how to apply methods.
During the stay at OSU scientific work also was done. MSSA was applied to GRACE monthly gravity field solutions. At that supercomputer GLENN of the Ohio Supercomputer Center was used. Several conferences were attended with reports. They are summarized in the following list.

GRACE Science Team Meeting, December 12-13, 2008, San Francisco, California

Zotov L., Filtering techniques to enhance signal extraction from geodetic time series. AGU Fall Meeting, 15-19 December 2008, San Francisco, poster

Zotov L., Shum C.K, Singular spectral analysis of GRACE observations Climate, Statistics, and Satellites, a symposium in honor of Jerry North , June 8-10, 2009, Presidential Conference Center, Texas A&M University, talk

2009 Fulbright Visiting Scholar Conference, 19-21 April 2009, Washington DC

Zotov L., Shum C.K., Singular spectrum analysis of GRACE observations. AGU Joint Assembley, Toronto, Canada 24-27 May 2009 poster

L. Zotov, Comparative Analysis of Benthic Foraminiferal Isotopic Records From Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Over the Past 1 Myr, AGU Chapman Conference on Abrupt Climate Change, Byrd Polar Research Center, OSU, USA, 15-19 June 2009 poster

The results of scientific work were also reported at the 9th Gamow school:
Zotov L., Shum C.K., Singular spectrum analysis of GRACE observations, 9th Gamow summer school 17-23 August, 2009, Odessa, Ukraine
The article was send to the proceedings of the Conference, which will be published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP).