Liu Jisheng's residence

This is colossus of Rhodes on the clay cap
This is wiled boar stucked in a swamp
This is wiled boar stucked in a swamp
And the great lamas solemnly cursed The bitter deception of his foreign gods. "Shanghai" Alexandr Vertinsky

Hudec build this house for Liu Jisheng in 1930th. It costed 200000 silver yuan. It is located at Julu Rd. 365, has several restaurants and book-shop. It is now the house of Shanghai society of writers. As a gift Hudec put the Godess of Love with for little angles fontain in the garden. Brother Liu Hongshen served as a vice-director of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, of Red Cross, he founded Zhanghual Wool Textile Mill. Died in 1956

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