Park Hotel

Who is it that is tapping on my window?
Who is it that is plucking the instrument's strings?
That segment of good times that have been forgotten
Gradually rises up from the bottom of my heart
Forgotten times

Park hotel is the most famous work of Hudec. 22-story building (83.8 m) designed for the Joint Saving Society was the tallest building in far east for half a century. Hudec won the project. 400 33-meter-long piles of Oregon were used for the basement. The ground-floor used to be the banking hall of the society. The restaurant with French windows facing south offered a great view on the Race Course. American Art Deco style with vertical stripes shrinking layer upon layer, staircase-like tower above 15 floor. Chinese materials were used: black polished Shandong granite, dark Taishan facing tiles. Opening ceremony took place on December 1 1934. The park hotel greatly aroused interest of I.M. Pei - Chinese architect in his study. Renovated since 1949 several times. On the second floor there is a museum, opened for public.

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