Eugene Trunkovsky

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Senior Scientific Researcher. Graduated from Moscow State University (MSU), Faculty of Physics in 1976. Ph.D. degree - 1988, MSU.

Main field of scientific activities: photometric investigations of various stars, close binary stellar systems and other astronomical objects, including research with use of fast photoelectric photometry with a high time resolution till 1 millisecond.

A member of EAS and EAAS (Astr. Soc. of the former Soviet Union)

This is image of Hale-Bopp comet obtained in the Crimean Observatory of SAI by G.Borisov in April 1997

New portable photometer

This instrument is under construction now. It is designed for operation in photon-counting mode with use of a set of light filters in the visual spectral range under control of a portable PC, and will be equiped with sensitive photomultiplier as a detector of radiation. The system photometer + PC will ensure recording of the light flux from objects under study with a high time resolution down to 1 ms. To see a components of this New photometer as they looked recently, click on.

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