To install package:

  1. tar xozvf fitshdr-<version>.tar.gz
  2. cd fitshdr-<version>/
  3. cd fitshdr
  4. ./config
  5. make
  6. make install

As result, binaries, scripts and man-pages will be installed. Default location for executables: /usr/local/bin, for man-pages: /usr/local/man/man1

To change default locations You have to use --prefix, --bindir options for ./config. For example, to install binaries in ${HOME}/bin, man documentations in ${HOME}/man:

  ./config --prefix=${HOME}

ATTENTION: This procedure works for "gcc & glibc" platforms. In case if You have another cc/libc combinations, You can try to use --without-gnu-getopt option with ./config. This works, for example, for Sun/Solaris OS.

CFLAGS, CC, LDFLAGS variables are supported by ./config also. For example, if You want to use 'cc' instead of 'gcc', try this:

  CC=cc ./config