Curriculum Vitae.

  1. Surname,name: Pasynok Sergey.
  2. Birthday: 24 October 1968, Ukrainian, Lugansk city.
  3. Nationality: Russia
  4. Passport No: 432242170
  5. Contact.
    Adress: Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University, Universitetskii prospect 13, RU-119899 Moscow.
  6. Family status:unmarried.
  7. Education.
    10 June 1999 I has protected the dissertation on a theme " Influence of the nonequilibrium Earth's envelope gravitational field on the Earth's inner core eigen transmitting oscillations and rotation." and got status as a Doctor in the physics and mathematical sience.
    From April 1996 to April 1999 I was a postgraduate student physical faculty of the Moscow State University (MSU).
    In January 1996. I was graduated with distinction.
    From September 1991 to January 1996 I was a student physical faculty of the Moscow State University (MSU).
  8. Additional skills.
    I can work with editors Latex it's Windows-version MikTex,MS Word, WinEdit; know lenguages HTML,Fortran90,Fortran95,IDL; have expierience of the programming in the Fortran Developer Studio, Compaq Visual Fortran Version 6.1, Interface Data Language 5.2. I worked with the programs: Adobe Photoshop 5.0, GSVIEW32 Version 2.7(Ghostscript Graphycal Interface),GRAFER, brousers Microsoft Internet Explorer, NetScape Communicator.
  9. Work expierience.
    From 1 August 1999 I working as a science researcher of the gravymetry laboratory Steinberg State Institute MSU. I took part in work of the 5-th international conferences as the co-author and as the author. Now I have 18 publications.
  10. Premium.
    In 1995-1996 I had maintainance as a "Soros student" ,grant Sn 1558. 1 April 2000 I get the State science stipend.
  11. Hobby. I play on the classic gitar.

P.S. The English transcription was used in this paper. But the French transcription is used in russian legal documentation. According this transcription:
Passynok Serguei - my surname and name;
Nationality: Russie.