Michael Kuznetsov

Please smile!
About me
My old school class
My family
My group at university
The members of my astronomy club
My dreams
My ideas
My biography
Photos I have made

Once again hi, dear visitors!!!

          Here are presented some sections where you can find many useful things and thoughts
          "About me" - this section tells about my hobby and interests.
          "My old school class" - this section tells about my school life.
          "My family" - well it is clear.
          "My group at university" - with these guys I study now .
          "The members of my astronomy club" - here you can find some information about my small teaching work at my school.
          "My dreams" - it would be desirable to see that in life.
          "My ideas" - themes and ideas for discussions.
          "My biography" - some information.
          "Photos I have made" - Artworks.