Solar Optical Spectroscopy, Ondrejov Observatory

Principal goal of the group: Spectral diagnostics of plasma processes in solar flares and prominences. Key instruments:
Multichannel Flare Spectrograph (MFS, till June 2004, 2009-2015),
Horizontal Solar Spectrograph (HSFA-2, since July 2004).

MFSData archive MFS (1998-2006) Animated images
HSFA-2Data archive HSFA Software
Catalogue of solar flaresData archive MFS [FTS, AVI] Data MFS-2009
Data MFS-2010Data MFS-2011 Data archive II (MFS&HSFA)
Data MFS-2012Flares archiv with asymmetry absorption Catalogue of prominence 2011
Catalogue of prominence 2012Data MFS-2013 Data MFS-2014
Atlas MFSData MFS-2015 Data MFS-2016
Morphological catalog of prominencesLinks

Authors:   Yurij Kupryakov  , Pavel Kotrc