Outer Natural Satellites Orbits Ephemerides.

Outer satellites of Jupiter

Choose type of the ephemeride:
Trigonometric series for the orbital elements ( a, e, i, ω, Ω)
Values of the orbital elements   
[ output   e⋅sin(ω),  e⋅cos(ω),  sin(i)⋅sin(Ω),  sin(i)⋅cos(Ω) ]
Distances between the osculating orbits

  • Choose Satellite    of Jupiter
  • Choose Second Satellite (for the distances)
For the Values and Distances
  •     Enter initial date (years)
  •       Enter final date (years)
  • Enter step of dates (years)
Enter lower limits for amplutudes of
  • semi-major axis Gm
  •        eccentricity
  •          inclination deg.
  •          pericenter deg.
  •                  node deg.
Enter upper limit of frequency deg/year
At least do not include short-period terms (f > n)