Authors: Narizhnaya N. V.
%F: AA(Main (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory, Russian Academy of Sciences)
Title: Observations of the Galilean moons of Jupiter in 2013-2015 at Pulkovo
Abstract: Observational results are presented for Jupiter and its Galilean moons from the Normal Astrograph at Pulkovo Observatory in 2013-2015. The following data are obtained: 154 positions of the Galilean satellites and 47 calculated positions of Jupiter in the system of the UCAC4 (ICRS, J2000.0) catalogue; the differential coordinates of the satellites relative to one another are determined. The mean errors of the satellites' normal places in right ascension and declination over the entire observational period are, respectively: &epsilalpha = 0.0065" and &epsildelta = 0.0068", and their standard deviations are sigmaalpha = 0.0804" and sigmadelta = 0.0845". The equatorial coordinates are compared with planetary and satellite motion theories. The average (O-C) residuals in the two coordinates relative to the motion theories are 0.05" or less. The best agreement with the observations is achieved by a combination of the EPM2011m and V. Lainey-V.2.0|V1.1 motion theories; the average (O-C) residuals are 0.03" or less. The (O-C) residuals for the features of the positions of Io and Ganymede are comparable with measurement errors. Jupiter's positions calculated from the observations of the satellites and their theoretical jovicentric coordinates are in good agreement with the motion theories. The (O-C) residuals for Jupiter's coordinates are, on average, 0.027" and-0.025" in the two coordinates.
Keywords: Callisto, catalogue, data, Europa, galilean, Ganymede, Io, Jupiter, major, observation, position
Journal: Solar System Research
Volume: 50
Pages: 344-351
Year: 2016
Bibliogaphic Code: 2016SoSyR..50..344N

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