Authors: Strugnell P. R. and Taylor D. B.
Year: 1990
Title: A catalogue of ground-based observations of the eight major satellites of Saturn, 1874-1989
Journal: Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series
Volume: 83
Number: 2
Pages: 289-300
Keywords: Saturn, major, observation, catalogue, position, micrometric, photographic
Abstract: A catalog of more than 51,000 observations of the first eight satellites of Saturn has been compiled. Most of the published observations made since 1966, the majority of which are photographic, have been included together with some unpublished series of observation. These have been supplemented by a selection of older data, mostly visual observations, increasing the time-span of the data to 115 years. Residuals are given with the observations to show the quality of the data, and as an aid in weighting the different data sets in any subsequent analysis, such as will be required for the precise orbit determinations needed for future space probes like Cassini.
%F: AB(Royal Greenwich Observatory, Herstmonceux, England)
Bibliogaphic Code: 1990A%26AS...83..289S

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