Authors: Kiseleva T. P., Narizhnaia N. V., Orlova O. N., and Shakht N. A.
Year: 1989
Title: Results of positional photographic observations of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn at the Pulkovo Observatory during 1973-1982
Journal: Izvestiya Glavnoj Astronomicheskoj Observatorii v Pulkove
Number: 206
Pages: 12-18
Keywords: Jupiter, Saturn, galilean, major, observation, data, position, photographic
Abstract: Results are presented of Pulkovo Observatory short-focus double astrograph (SDA) observations of Mars for the period September 1977-February 1978 and February-April 1982, of Jupiter for the period September 1974-April 1978, and of Saturn and Titan for the period October 1973-March 1975, as well as observations of Jupiter and its satellites with the normal astrograph for the period December 1978-April 1979. The geocentric equatorial coordinates of Mars, Saturn, and Titan obtained with the SDA, the topocentric equatorial coordinates of Jupiter obtained with the SDA, and the geocentric equatorial coordinates of Jupiter and the Galilean satellites obtained with the normal astrograph are given. Observatory: Pulkovo. Observers: Kiseleva T. P., Narizhnaia N. V., Orlova O. N., Shakht N. A. Telescope: short-focus double astrograph (SDA). Receiver: photographic. Period: Jupiter Gal. satell. - 1978 - 1979, Saturn satell. - Oct 1973 - Mar 1975.
Bibliogaphic Code: 1989IzPul.206...12K

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