Authors: Kiseleva T. P., Chanturiia S. M., Lepeshenkova S. A., Lapina E. V., and Suleimanova E. V.
Year: 1987
Title: Photographic positional observations of Jupiter, Saturn, and their satellites in Abastumani during 1983-1984. In russian
Journal: Abastumanskaia Astrofizicheskaia Observatoriia, Biulleten' (ISSN 0375-6644), 1987, In Russian
Number: 62
Pages: 117-130
Keywords: Jupiter, Saturn, galilean, major, observation, data, position, photographic
Abstract: Abstract from ADSAS (does not correspond to the article - Error in ADSAS). The determination of the precise optical positions of optically identified radio sources is considered. Visual magnitudes of sample radio sources are within 12.7-18.0 m. Since present catalogs of stellar positions contain relatively bright stars, secondary faint reference stars must be estimated. Thus, 10-12 faint stars (12-14 mag) around each radio source were selected. Their precise positions were determined against primary bright reference stars. Abstract. Photographic position observations of Jupiter, Saturn and their satellites performed with Zeiss Double Astrograph at Abastumani in 1983-84 are discussed (and published - N.E.). The folloving satellites are observed: I-IV ones of Jupiter and II-VIII - of Saturn. The positions of Jupiter, Saturn and their satellites relative to the stars of a new reference catalogue FOKAT-YU, as well as relative positions of "satellite-planet" and "satellite-satellite" are listed in Tables 1-4.The data are treated at Pulkovo observatory. The comparison of observational data with new theories of motion of planets and their satellites showed a good correlation within 1". Random observational errors do not exceed +/- 0".24. The results indicate to fair astrometric qualities of the Zeiss Double Astrograph of Abastumani Observatory. The instrument can be effectively used for the problem of estimation accurate coordinates of the Solar System bodies. Observatory: Abastuman. Observers: Kiseleva T. P., Chanturiia S. M., Lepeshenkova S. A., Lapina E.V., Suleimanova E. V. Telescope: Zeiss Double Astrograph. Receiver: photographic. Period: 1983-1984.
%F: AE(Glavnaia Astronomicheskaia Observatoriia, Pulkovo, USSR)
Bibliogaphic Code: 1987AbOB...62..117K

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