Authors: Chugunov I G
Year: 1981
Title: Observations of satellites of Saturn made at Engelgardt astronomical observatory in 1977-1978
Journal: Izvestija Astronomiceskoj Observatorii im. V.P. Engel'gardta (Kazan')
City of publication: Kazan
Number: 47
Pages: 111-115
Keywords: Saturn, major, observation, data, photographic, position
Abstract: The results of photographical observations of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 satellites of Saturn sre published. The absolute (r.a. and decl) coordinates are given. Time scale UT. Total 130 observations. Observatory: Kazan. Observer: Chugunov I G. Telescope: 16-inch astrograph. Receiver: photographic. Period: 9 -22 Dec 1977, 11 Jan - 26 Feb 1978.
Bibliogaphic Code: 1981IzAOE..47..111C

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