Authors: Chugunov I. G. and Nefed'ev Yu. A
Year: 1980
Title: Photographic observations of satellites of Saturn
Journal: Astronomicheskij Tsirkulyar
Number: 1114
Pages: 7-8
Keywords: Saturn, major, Phoebe, observation, data, position, photographic
Abstract: The work is accomplished at the Engelgardt astronomical observatory in January 1980. Saturn satellites absolute (r.a. and decl.) coordinates of 1978 are published. Total 27 observations. Time scale UT. The coordinate system of the catalogue SAO. Observatory: Kazan (Engelgardt astronomical observatory). Observers: Chugunov I.G., Nefed'ev Yu.A. Telescope: 16-inch astrograph. Receiver: photographic. Period: Feb 1978 - Apr 1978.
Bibliogaphic Code: 1979ATsir1114....7C

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