Authors: Levitskaya T. I.
Year: 1979
Title: Position photographical observations of satellites of Saturn in Octobre-Novenbre 1975
Journal: Astronomicheskij Tsirkulyar
Number: 1084
Pages: 6-8
Keywords: Saturn, major, Phoebe, observation, data, position, photographic
Abstract: The work is accomplished at the Ural State University, astronomy and geodesy department in July 1979 with lunal-planet telescope of Ordubad expedition of Glavnaia Astronomitcheskaia observatiria of soviet academy of science (D=700 mm, F=10313 mm). The coordinates of 3-8 satellites of Saturn are measured on 22 plates. Time scale UT. The coordinates are given in the coordinate system of catalogue AGK3. Observatory: Ordubad. Observer: Levitskaya T.I. Telescope: lunar-planet telescope, D=700 mm, F=10313 mm. Receiver: photographic. Period: July 1979.
Bibliogaphic Code: 1979ATsir1084....6L

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