Authors: Ianna P. A., Seitzer P., and Levinson F.
Year: 1979
Title: Astrometric observations of the satellites of the outer planets. I - The Galilean satellites in 1977
Journal: Astronomical Journal
Volume: 84
Pages: 429-435
Keywords: Jupiter, small, galilean, observation, data, photographic, position
Abstract: Astrometric observations of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter performed around the opposition of 1977 with a 67-cm photovisual refractor are reported. The measurements are reduced to absolute and intersatellite positions by two different methods: a linear least-squares plate-constant solution to the AGK3 reference-star frame and the trail-scale method of Pascu (1977). Results of a plate-constant reduction are also presented for two observations of JV (Amalthea). Comparison of the data with Liske's (1978) theoretical predictions for the intersatellite positions indicates no systematic bias in the data; a probable scatter of about 15 arcsec in both right ascension and declination is estimated.
%F: AC(Leander McCormick Observatory, Charlottesville, Va.)
Bibliogaphic Code: 1979AJ.....84..429I

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