Authors: Gorel G K
Year: 1977
Title: Results of astrometrical observations of satellites of Saturn made in Nikolaev with zone astrograph in 1973-1976
Journal: Scientific paper deposited in All-russian institute of scientific and technical information
Number: 3513-78
Pages: 1-11
Keywords: Saturn, major, observation, data, position, photographic
Abstract: The absolute (r.a. and decl.) coordinates of 3, 4, 5 and 6 satellites of Saturn are published. Time scale UT. Coordinate system is of catalogue AGK3 (1950). Total 108 observations. Observatory: Nikolaev. Observer: Gorel. Telescope: Zone astrograph. Receiver: photographic. Period: 1973-1976.
Bibliogaphic Code: 1977PDRII3513.....G

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