Authors: Abbot R. I., Mulholland J. D., and Shelus P. J.
Year: 1975
Title: Astrometric observations of Saturn's satellites from McDonald Observatory, 1972
Journal: Astronomical Journal
Volume: 80
Pages: 723-728
Keywords: Saturn, major, observation, data, position, photographic
Abstract: Observations of Saturn's satellites have been reduced by means of secondary reference stars obtained by reduction of Palomar Sky Survey plates. This involved the use of 29 SAO stars and plate overlap technique to determine the coordinates of 59 fainter stars in the satellite field. Fourteen plate constants were determined for each of the two PSS plates. Comparison of two plate measurement and reduction techniques on the satellite measures appears to demonstrate the existence of a serious background gradient effect and the utility of microdensitometry to eliminate this error source in positional determinations of close satellites. Observatory: McDonald. Observers: Abbot R I, Mulholland J D, Shelus P J. Telescopes: 2.1 m reflector, 76 cm eflector. Meas.machine: Mann measures, PDS measures. Receiver: photographic. Period: 1972.
%F: AA(Texas, University, Austin, Tex.) AC(McDonald Observatory; Texas, University, Austin, Tex.)
Bibliogaphic Code: 1975AJ.....80..723A

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