Authors: Sinclair A. T.
Year: 1974
Title: A theory of the motion of Iapetus
Journal: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Volume: 169
Pages: 591-605
Keywords: Saturn, major, Iapetus, theory, observation, analytical, data, position, photographic
Abstract: A theory of the motion of Iapetus, the eighth satellite of Saturn, is derived. The constants of this theory are obtained by comparison with some recent photographic observations of the position of Iapetus and other satellites relative to reference stars. Corrections to the ephemeris of Saturn and a determination of the ratio of the mass of Titan to the mass of Saturn ((2.422 plus or minus 0.031)x .0001) are obtained. The observations used, which are of Dione, Rhea, Titan, and Iapetus, are given in an appendix. Observatory: Herstmonceux. Observer: Sinclair A.T. Telescope: 26-inch refractor. Receiver: photographic. Period: 9 Nov 1972 - 28 Nov 1973.
%F: AA(Royal Greenwich Observatory, Herstmonceux, Sussex, England)
Bibliogaphic Code: 1974MNRAS.169..591S

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