Authors: USNO
Year: 1954
Title: Observations of satellites made with the 26-inch equatorial of the U.S.Naval observatory. 1928-47.
Journal: Publications of the U.S. Naval Observatory Second Series
Publisher: USNO
City of publication: Washington D.C.
Volume: 17
Number: 3
Pages: 125-126
Keywords: Mars, Phobos, Deimos, observations, data, photographic, position
Abstract: Observatory: USNO. Observers: Hall Jr, Lyons U S, Burton H E, Wylie L R, Browne W M, Smith J L, Raynsford G M. Telescope: 26-inch refractor. Periodes: 1928 Dec 11 - Dec 22, 1929 Jan 3, 1941 Sept 10 - Nov 15.
Bibliogaphic Code: 1954PUSNO..17..125U

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