asteroid: (45)Eugenia
                       satellites: Princesse
                     total number: 3
                             type: position
                            dates: 2004-2004
                      observatory: 309 - Cerro Paranal
Marchis F., Baek M., Descamps P., Berthier J., Hestroffer D., Vachier F.
S/2004 (45) 1.
IAU Circ., No. 8817, #1 (2007). 

                      relative to: the primary
                   eference frame: astrometric ICRF 
                  centre of frame: topocentric 
                 epoch of equinox: J2000 
                       time scale: UTC 
                        reduction: no information
                      coordinates: s, p (secondary relative to the primary
                 diff. refraction: no information 
                         receptor: adaptive-optics
                        telescope: the Very Large Telescope YEPUN'
                        system (NACO)
 1. Year of the moment of observation 
 2. Month of the moment of observation  
 3. Day of the moment of observation 
 4. s - relative separation, arcsec
 5. p - position angle, degree
Year       Day        s      p                
      Month         arcsec  deg