asteroid: 2000 WT169
                   satellites: companion 
                 total number: 1  
                         type: position
                        dates: 2008-2008 
                  observatory: 250 - Hubble Space Telescope
Noll K. S., Grundy W. M., Benecchi S. D., Levison, H. A.
2000 WT_169 and 2003 YU_179.
IAU Circ., No. 9076, #2 (2009). 

                  relative to: the primary
              reference frame: astrometric ICRF 
              centre of frame: topocentric 
             epoch of equinox: J2000 
                   time scale: UTC 
                    reduction: no information
                  coordinates: X, Y (R.A., Decl. in the communication) 
             diff. refraction: no information 
                    telescope: Wide Field Planetary Camera 2

      R.A., Decl. in the communication

 1. Year of the moment of observation 
 2. Month of the moment of observation  
 3. Day of the moment of observation 
 4. X - relative right ascension, arcsec
 5. SigX - the error of X , arcsec
 6. Y - relative declination, arcsec 
 7. SigY - the error of Y, arcsec
Year        Day         X     Sig X     Y      Sig Y    
     Month           arcsec   arcsec  arcsec   arcsec