asteroid: (47171)1999 TC36 
        satellites: B 
        satellites: companion
      total number: 1  
              type: position
             dates: 2001-2001 
        bservatory: 662 - Lick, Mount Hamilton 

Marchis F., Berthier J., Boenhardt H., Hainaut O., 
Delsanti A., de Pater I., Dumas C., Gavel D.
1999 TC_36.
IAU Circ., No. 7807, #2 (2002).

       relative to: the primary
    eference frame: astrometric ICRF
   centre of frame: topocentric 
  epoch of equinox: J2000
        time scale: UTC 
         reduction: no information
       coordinates: s, p (separation, position angle) 
  diff. refraction: no information 
          receptor: adaptive optics
         telescope: Lick Shane 3-m telescope
    To identify the observed component see the paper referenced for abin0031         
 1. Year of the moment of observation                       
 2. Month of the moment of observation                      
 3. Day of the moment of observation                        
 4. s - separation, arcsec                                
 5. Sig s - the error of s , arcsec                         
 6. p - position angle, degree                              
 7. Sig p - the error of p , degree                             
Year    Day      s    Sig s    p  Sig p         
    Month     arcsec  arcsec  deg  deg