asteroid: (136108)Haumea  
         satellites: Namaka
       total number: 3
               type: position
              dates: 2005-2005
        observatory: 568 - Mauna Kea   (W.M. Keck observatory, Hawaii, USA) 

M. E. Brown, M. A. van Dam, A. H. Bouchez, D. Le Mignant, R. D. Campbell, J. C. Y. Chin, A. Conrad,
S. K. Hartman, E. M. Johansson, R. E. Lafon, D. L. Rabinowitz, P. J. Stomski, Jr., D. M. Summers,
C. A. Trujillo, and P. L. Wizinowich.
Satellites of the largest Kuiper belt objects.
The Astrophysical Journal. 2006. V. 639. P. L43L46.

        relative to: the primary
    reference frame: astrometric ICRF
    centre of frame: topocentric
   epoch of equinox: J2000
         time scale: UTC
          reduction: no information
        coordinates: X, Y (secondary relative to primary)
   diff. refraction: no information 
          telescope: LGS AO system, the NIRC2
 1. Year of the moment of observation  
 2. Month of the moment of observation 
 3. Day of the moment of observation 
 4. h - mean hour of the moment of observation
 5. min - mean minute of the moment of observation
 6. X - relative right ascension, arcsec
 7. SigX - the error of X , arcsec
 8. Y - relative declination, arcsec 
 9. SigY - the error of Y, arcsec

Year   Day    h  min    X     SigX     Y      SigY                      
   Month              arcsec arcsec  arcsec  arcsec