asteroid: (22)Kalliope 
   satellite: Linus
total number: 9 
        type: relative
       dates: 20012002
 observatory: 568 - Mauna Kea (W.M.Keck observatory, Hawaii, USA) 
              675 - Palomar Mountain (California)   

J. L. Margot, M. E. Brown.  
A Low-Density M-type Asteroid in the Main Belt.
Science. 2003. V. 300. P. 1939-1942.

        relative to: primary
    reference frame: astrometric ICRF
    centre of frame: topocenter 
   epoch of equinox: J2000              
         time scale: UTC
          reduction: not available
        coordinates: s, P
           receptor: CCD
         telescopes: 1  the SCAM detector Keck II
                     2  the NIRC2 detector on Keck II 
                     3  the PHARO camera at the 200-inch telescope in Palomar, California. 
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  1. MJD of the moment of observation with decimals
  2. s - angular separation between primary and secondary (arcsec)
  3. P -  position angles of the secondary with respect to the primary (deg)
  4. (O-C)X/SigmaX  observed minus computed X normalized to the measurement uncertainties
  5. (O-C)Y/SigmaY  observed minus computed Y normalized to the measurement uncertainties
  6. Obs code - Observatory code 
  7. Ntel - telescope number
 MJD        s       P   (O-C)X/SigmaX     Obs   Ntel
          arcsec   deg     (O-C)Y/SigmaY  code