asteroid: (58534)Logos  
         satellites: Zoe
       total number: 7
               type: position
              dates: 1998-2004
        observatory: 250 - Hubble Space Telescope  
                     304 - Las Companas, Chile 

Noll K. S., Stephens D.C., Grundy W.M., Osip D.J., Griffin I.
The Orbit and Albedo of Transneptunian Binary (58534) 1997 CQ29.
The Astronomical Journal. 2004. V. 128. Issue 5. P. 2547-2552.

        relative to: the primary
    reference frame: astrometric ICRF
    centre of frame: topocentric
   epoch of equinox: J2000
         time scale: UTC
          reduction: no information
        coordinates: X - the distance from the companion to the target, 
                     g -position angle
   diff. refraction: no information (see in publications)
             Ntel 1 - NIC3
             Ntel 2 - WF3
             Ntel 3 - PC
             Ntel 4 - MagIC (Magellan Project Baade and 
                             Clay 6.5m telescopes)
             Ntel 5 - NIC2

The binary has been resolved at seven of these nine epochs, and the remaining
two provide upper limits 0.3 
 1. Year of the moment of observation  
 2. Month of the moment of observation 
 3. Day of the moment of observation with decimals 
 4. Number of telescope, Ntel
 5. X - the distance from the companion to the target, arcsec 
 6. SigX - the error of X , arcsec 
 7. g - position angle, degree
 8. Sig g - the error of g, degrees
 9. r - the distance from the Sun to the target, au 
10. R - the distance from the observer to the target, au
11. G - the phase angle - the solar phase angle, degrees
12. Nobs- code of observatory 
Year       Day   Ntel      X       SigX     g     Sig g     r       R      G    Nobs
     Month               arcsec   arcsec   deg     deg      au      au    deg