asteroid: (50000)Quaoar
          satellites: Weywot   
        total number: 4
                type: position
               dates: 2011-2011
         observatory: 250 - Hubble Space Telescope  
W. C. Fraser, K. Batygin, M. E. Brown, A. Bouchez. 
The mass, orbit, and tidal evolution of the Quaoar–Weywot system
Icarus. 2013. V. 222. P. 357–363. 

         relative to: the primary
     reference frame: astrometric ICRF
     centre of frame: topocentric
    epoch of equinox: J2000
          time scale: UTC
           reduction: no information
         coordinates: X and Y are the differences in position between
                      the primary and the satellite
    diff. refraction: no information (see in publications)
           telescope: HST                     
JD of the moment of observation is  JD=Day + 2453000,
the moment  Day= 2719.82856 is  07.06.2011

  1. Day of the moment of observation, JD=2453000+Day  
  2. X - relative right ascension, arcsec
  3. SigX - coordinate errors  DRA, arcsec
  4. Y - relative declination, arcsec
  5. SigY - coordinate errors  DRA, arcsec

   Day        X        SigX     Y     SigY                     
             arcsec   arcsec  arcsec arcsec