asteroid: (93)Minerva
           satellites: 1 -  Aegis       1   
                       2 -  Gorgoneion  1  
         total number: 2
                 type: position
                dates: 2014
          observatory: 568 - Mauna Kea   (W.M. Keck observatory, Hawaii, USA)          

Yang B., Wahhaj Z., Beauvalet L., Marchis F., Dumas C., Marsset M., 
Nielsen E. L., and Vachier F.
Extreme AO Observations of Two Triple Asteroid Systems with SPHERE.
The Astrophysical Journal Letters. 2016. V. 820. Issue 2. Article id. L35. 6 pp.

          relative to: the primary
      reference frame: astrometric ICRF
      centre of frame: topocentric
     epoch of equinox: J2000
           time scale: UTC
            reduction: no information
          coordinates: X, Y (secondary relative to primary)
     diff. refraction: no information (see in publications)
            telescope: Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet
       Research instrument (SPHERE); 


1.  Companion  1 or 2
2.  Year of the moment of observation
3.  Month of the moment of observation 
4.  Day of the moment of observation 
5.  h - hour of the moment of observation
6.  min - minute of the moment of observation
7.  sec - second of the moment of observation 
8.  X (arcsec)
9.  sigX  (arcsec)
10. Y (arcsec)
11. sigY  (arcsec)
12. g  (arcsec)
13. Integrated flux ratio between the primary and the satellite.
14. D (km)

Companion Year  Day   h min sec     X     sigX     Y      sigY     g     flux    D     
            Month                 arcsec arcsec  arcsec  arcsec  arcsec  ratio   km