asteroid: (22)Kalliope
   satellite: Linus
total number: 9
        type: position
       dates: 2011 - 2011
 observatory: 115 - Zelenchukskaya (SAO RAS)

Sokova I. A., Sokov E. N., Roschina E. A., Rastegaev D. A., Kiselev A. A., 
Balega Yu. Yu., Gorshanov D. L., Malogolovets E. V., Dyachenko V. V., 
Maksimov A. F.
The binary Asteroid 22 Kalliope: Linus orbit determination on the basis 
of speckle interferometric observations.
Icarus. 2014. V. 236. P. 157-164.

        relative to: primary
    reference frame: astrometric ICRF
    centre of frame: topocenter 
   epoch of equinox: J2000              
         time scale: UTC
          reduction: not available
        coordinates: Sep, PA
           receptor: speckle interferometry
         telescopes: BTA RAS
Comment: no

  1. Year of the moment of observation
  2. Month  of the moment of observation
  3. Day    of the moment of observation
  4. Hour   of the moment of observation
  5. Minute of the moment of observation
  6. Sep - separation (mas)
  7. sig(Sep) - error of separation (mas)
  8. PA - positional angle (deg)
  9. Sig(PA) - error of PA 
 10. delta m - magnitude difference (mag)
 11. Sig(delta m) - error of magnitude difference (mag)
 12. lam - wavelength (nm)

 Year       h     Sep  sig(Sep)  PA   Sig(PA) delta m  Sig(delta m) lam     
    Month     m   mas    mas    deg    deg       mag       mag