asteroid: (385446)Manwe
         satellites: Thorondor 
       total number: 7
               type: position
              dates: 2006-2008
        observatory: 250 - Hubble Space Telescope  
W.M. Grundy, K.S. Noll, F. Nimmoc, H.G. Roe, M.W. Buie, 
S.B. Porter, S.D. Benecchi, D.C. Stephens, H.F. Levison, 
J.A. Stansberry
Five new and three improved mutual orbits of transneptunian binaries.
Icarus. 2011. V. 213. P. 678692.   

        relative to: the primary
    reference frame: astrometric ICRF
    centre of frame: topocentric
   epoch of equinox: J2000     
          reduction: no information
         coordinates: X, Y (secondary relative to primary)
   diff. refraction: no information (see in publications)
                Ntel 1 - ACS
                Ntel 2 - WFPC2       


 1. Year of the moment of observation  
 2. Month of the moment of observation 
 3. Day of the moment of observation 
 4. Hour of the moment of observation, h
 5. Number of telescope, Ntel  
 6. r - the distance from the Sun to the target, au 
 7. R - the distance from the observer to the target, au
 8. g - the phase angle - the solar phase angle, degrees
 9. X - relative right ascension, arcsec
10. SigmaX - the error of X, arcsec
11. Y - relative declination, arcsec 
12. SigmaY - the error of Y, arcsec
13. Vprim - visual magnitude  for primary bodies
14. sigVp - estimated uncertainties of Vprim, 0.0 if value is not given
15. Vsec - visual magnitude  for secondary bodies, -99.9 if value is not given
16. SigVs - estimated  uncertainties of Vsec, 0.0  if value is not given

Year   Day    h    Ntel  r       R       g       X       SigX       Y     SigY    Vprim  SigVp  Vsec   SigVs                 
   Month                 au      au     deg   arcsec    arcsec    arcsec  arcsec   magn          magn