planet: 7 - Uranus  
  satellites: U1-Ariel    : 18,
              U2-Umbriel  : 18,
              U3-Titania  :183,
              U4-Oberon   :122,
total number: 477
        type: relative
       dates: 1900-1907
 observatory: 786 - U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington D.C.   

   Hammond J.C. (1911)
   Equatorial observations, 1893-1907
   Publications of the United States Naval Observatory. 2d ser. vol. 6

         relative to: Uranus or other satellites
     reference frame: apparent
     centre of frame: topocentre
    epoch of equinox: date
          time scale: Washington Mean Time
           reduction: no information
         coordinates: position angle and separation
    diff. refraction: corrected
            receptor: micrometric
           telescope: refractor 26-inches
           observers: See, Dinwiddie, Frederick, Hammond, Rice, Frederickson
 data included in standard data file: no

          position angle is Uranus referred to satellite

  1. Observed satellite number
  2. Reference satellite number (0=Uranus)
  3. Year    of the moment of observation
  4. Month   of the moment of observation
  5. Day   of the moment of observation 
  6. Hour, minute, second of the observation of P
  7. P (position angle) in degrees
  8. Hour, minute, second of the observation of S
  9. S (separation) in arcsec

sat. Year           W.M.T.             W.M.T.
obs.   month       h  m  s    P       h  m  s   S
  ref.      day            degrees            arcsec