planet: 6 - Saturn
  satellites: S1 - Mimas:     154,
              S2 - Enceladus: 435,
              S3 - Tethys:    449,
              S4 - Dione:     676,
              S5 - Rhea:      589
total number: 2303
        type: absolute
       dates: 2005-2012
 observatory: Cassini space probe

   Cooper N. J., Murray C. D., Lainey V., Tajeddine R., Evans M. W., Williams G. A. (2014)
   Cassini ISS mutual event astrometry of the mid-sized Saturnian satellites 2005-2012
   Astronomy and Astrophysics. V. 572. P. A43.

         relative to: absolute
     reference frame: astrometric
     centre of frame: Cassini space probe
    epoch of equinox: ICRF
          time scale: UTC
           reduction: UCAC2
         coordinates: absolute
    diff. refraction: no information
            receptor: CCD
           telescope: Cassini ISS narrow angle camera (NAC)
           observers: Cassini space probe
 data included in standard data file: yes

   Part of the observations of this portion are also contained in the portion sm0068.


   1. Image name
   2. Year of the date of observation
   3. Month of the date of observation
   4. Day of the date of observation
   5. Hour of the date of observation
   6. Minute of the date of observation
   7. Seconds of the date of observation
   8. Number of satellite (N sat): 1 - Mimas, 2 - Enceladus, 3 - Tethys,
                                   4 - Dione, 5 - Rhea
   9. Right ascension (degrees)
  10. Declination (degrees)

Image name   Year   Day  Time         N   R.A.        Declin.
               Month     h  m  s     sat  deg         deg