planet: 6 - Saturn
  satellites: S1 Mimas      : 359,
              S2 Enceladus  : 359,
              S3 Thetys     : 359,
              S4 Dione      : 359,
              S5 Rhea       : 359,
              S6 - Titan    : 359
total number: 2154
        type: relative
       dates: 2002-2006
 observatory: 286 - Yunnan Observatory

   Peng Q. Y., Vienne A.,  Wu X. P., Gan L. L., Desmars J. (2008)
   The Astronomical Journal. V. 136. P. 22142221.

         relative to: planet
     reference frame: astrometric
     centre of frame: geocenter
    epoch of equinox: true of date
          time scale: UTC
           reduction: see reference
         coordinates: X, Y
    diff. refraction: no information
            receptor: CCD
           telescope: 1 m telescope
           observers: Peng Q. Y., Wu X. P., Gan L. L. 
 data included in standard data file: no

  1. Idenfication of series from Table 2 of the article for the scale 
     factor and orienation corresponding to each series, ID1.
  2. Exposure identification, ID2. 
  3. Year of Observation (UTC and not light-time corrected).
  4. Month of Observation (UTC and not light-time corrected).
  5. Day of Observation (UTC and not light-time corrected).
  6. IAU observatory code, Obs.
  7. Observation type (1 = X, Y), Type. 
  8. Subject satellite (1-6 = S1 - S6) and reference body (0 = Saturn), Sub.
  9. X, arcsec.
 10. Y, arcsec.
 11. Estimated error in X, arcsec, ErrX.
     (Errors from both pixel positions and calibration parameters)
 12. Estimated error in Y, arcsec, ErrY.
     (Errors from both pixel positions and calibration parameters)
 13. Reference system, S (1 = true equator and equinox of date of observation). 
 14. Reference frame, F (1 = Geocentric).
 15. Residual of X with JPL ephemeris, arcsec, O-C_X.
 16. Residual of Y with JPL ephemeris, arcsec, O-C_Y.
 17. 0 - Saturn use as reference in the computation of (O-C), R.
 18. Number of the series (number of the line in the Table 2), Ser.
 19. Original X coordinate in pixel coordinates.
 20. Original Y coordinate in pixel coordinates.

 ID1    ID2     Month          Obs  Sub     X        Y   ErrX  ErrY      O-C_X  O-C_Y   Ser   X       Y
            Year       Day       Type     arcsec   arcsec -arcsec-  S F               R      pix     pix