planet: 6 - Saturn
  satellites: S10-Janus: 28,
              S11-Epimetheus: 17
total number: 45
        type: relative
       dates: 1995-1995
 observatory: 262 - ESO at La Silla
              1000 - HST

   Poulet F., Sicardy B. (2001)
   Astrometric observations of inner Saturnian satellites
   Astronomy and Astrophysics
   V. 336. P. 339-342.

         relative to: planet
     reference frame: astrometric
     centre of frame: topocentre
    epoch of equinox: no information
          time scale: UTC
           reduction: no information
         coordinates: apparent distance from planet
    diff. refraction: no information
            receptor: CCD camera
           telescope: 262 - telescope, D = 3.6 m of ESO at La Silla
                      1000 - HST
           observers: Poulet F., Sicardy B.
          evaluation: no information
 data included in standard data file: no

                       no information

  1. Number of the satellite (N sat) (see above)
  2. Year   of the moment of observation
  3. Month  of the moment of observation
  4. Day    of the moment of observation with decimals
  5. Apparent distance (Distance) from the center of planet
     (minus if the right ascension of satellite is great than
      r.a. of the planet, east ansa)
  6. Number of observatory and telescope (see above) 

 N  Year                Distance,       N
sat    month             arcsec    observatory
            day                        and
           with decimals            telescope