planet: 8 - Neptune
  satellites: N5 - Despina  :  6,
              N6 - Galatea  : 17,
              N7 - Larissa  : 13,
              N8 - Proteus  : 39
total number: 75
        type: relative
       dates: 1997-1997
 observatory: 250 - Hubble Space Telescope

   Pascu D., Rohde J. R., Seidelmann P. K., 
   Wells E. N., Hershey John L., Storrs A. D., 
   Zellner B. H., Bosh A. S., Currie D. G., (2004) 
   Hubble Space Telescope Astrometric Observations and Orbital 
   Mean Motion Corrections for the Inner Satellites of Neptune.
   The Astronomical Journal. V. 127. N. 5. P. 2988-2996. 

         relative to: planet
     reference frame: astrometric
     centre of frame: geocentre
    epoch of equinox: J2000
          time scale: UTC
           reduction: no information
         coordinates: X, Y
    diff. refraction: no information
            receptor: CCD
           telescope: HST
           observers: HST
 data included in standard data file: no

          no information

  1. Number of satellite (N sat) : 5 - N5, 6 - N6, 7 - N7, 8 - N8.
  2. Year    of the moment of observation
  3. Month   of the moment of observation
  4. Day     of the moment of observation
  5. Hour    of the moment of observation
  6. Minutes of the moment of observation
  7. Secondes of the moment of observation
  8. X, arcsec
  9. Y, arcsec
 10. Separation (Sep), arcsec
 11. Position angle, degrees

    Year       hour        X        Y        Sep    Position
 N       month   minutes arcsec   arcsec   arcsec   angle
sat         day     sec                             degrees