planet: 4 - Mars
  satellites: M1 - Phobos: 261
total number: 261
        type: absolute
       dates: 2008-2011
 observatory: MARS EXPRESS probe

   Pasewaldt A., Oberst J., Willner K., Beisembin B., Hoffmann H., Matz K. D., Roatsch T., Michael G., Cardesín-Moinelo A., Zubarev A. E. (2015)
   Astrometric observations of Phobos with the SRC on Mars Express. New data and comparison of different measurement techniques.
   Astronomy and Astrophysics. V. 580. Id. A28. 10 pp.

         relative to: absolute
     reference frame: astrometric
     centre of frame: MARS EXPRESS spacecraft
    epoch of equinox: J2000
          time scale: UTC
           reduction: TYCHO-2
         coordinates: absolute
    diff. refraction: no information
            receptor: CCD
           telescope: HRSC/SRC camera
           observers: MARS EXPRESS
 data included in standard data file: yes

  1. Mars Express positions at SRC image mid-times were generated at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC).
     See also the data based on Mars Express positions retrieved from the European
     Space Operations Centre (ESOC) navigation orbits.
  2. A total of 158 astrometric observations of Phobos have been made. From these, 27 were determined by using only control point measurements,
     28 performing only limb fit observations, and 103 were determined by means of both methods. Hence, data table contains 261 entries,
     that is 130 control point measurements and 131 limb fit observations.


  1. Image name
  2. Year    of the image date (UTC)
  3. Month   of the image date (UTC)
  4. Day     of the image date (UTC)
  5. Hour    of the image mid-time (UTC)
  6. Minutes of the image mid-time (UTC)
  7. Seconds of the image mid-time (UTC)
  8. Measurement method as follows: 1 = Control point measurements; 2 = Limb fit observation
  9. Right ascension of Phobos in the spacecraft-centered ICRF (deg)
 10. Declination of Phobos in the spacecraft-centered ICRF (deg)
 11. The one-sigma uncertainty in right ascension and declination (deg)
 12. Number of measured control points or percentage of measured limb points (N)
 13. X coordinate of Mars Express spacecraft in the Mars-centered ICRF (km)
 14. Y coordinate of Mars Express spacecraft in the Mars-centered ICRF (km)
 15. Z coordinate of Mars Express spacecraft in the Mars-centered ICRF (km)

Image name  Year   Day   Min    Method  R.A.      Decl.       Sigma    N   Spacecraft coordinates
              Month  Hour    Second     deg       deg          deg         X, km    Y, km     Z, km