planet: 5 - Jupiter
  satellites: J6 - Himalia  : 93,
              J7 - Elara    : 8,
              J8 - Pasiphae : 19
total number: 120
        type: absolute
       dates: 2013-2015
 observatory: 689-Flagstaff

   Stone R. C. (2001)
   Positions for the Outer Planets and Many of Their Satellites. 
   V. FASTT Observations Taken in 2000-2001
   The Astronomical Journal. V. 122. N. 5. P. 2723-2733. 

         relative to: absolute
     reference frame: astrometric
     centre of frame: geocentre
    epoch of equinox: J2000
          time scale: UTC
           reduction: Catalogue diven in the data
         coordinates: absolute
    diff. refraction: no information
            receptor: CCD
           telescope: Flagstaff Astrometric Transit Telescope (FASTT)
           observers: Stone R.C.
 data included in standard data file: no

             no information 

  1. Number of satellite (N sat)
  2. Year   of the moment of observation
  3. Month  of the moment of observation
  4. Day    of the moment of observation
  5. Hour   of the moment of observation
  6. Minute of the moment of observation
  7. Second of the moment of observation
  8. Hour   of right ascension (alpha, h)
  9. Minute of right ascension (alpha, m)
 10. Second of right ascension (alpha, s)
 11. Degree of declination (delta, deg)
 12. Minute of declination (delta, '  )
 13. Second of declination (delta, '' )
 14. Geocentric parallax in RA  (arcsec)  [geo - topo positions]
 15. Geocentric parallax in Dec (arcsec)  [geo - topo positions]
 16. NOFS Telescope/Reference Catalog

 N   Year        h           alpha           delta         parallax      Telescope/
sat   month         m                                     alpha  delta
           day         s     h  m  s       deg  '  ''        arcsec