planet: 5 - Jupiter
  satellites: J5 - Amalthea: 35,
              J14- Thebe   : 19
total number: 54
        type: absolute
       dates: 2015-2015
 observatory: 586 - Pic du Midi

   Robert V., Saquet E., Colas F., Arlot J.-E. (2017) 
   CCD astrometric observations of Amalthea and Thebe in the Gaia era 
   Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Vol. 467. P. 694-698.

         relative to: absolute
     reference frame: astrometric
     centre of frame: geocenter
    epoch of equinox: J2000
          time scale: TDB
           reduction: Gaia-DR1
         coordinates: absolute
    diff. refraction: no information
            receptor: CCD
           telescope: 1-m telescope at the Pic du Midi observatory
           observers: Saquet E., Colas F.
 data included in standard data file: no

                      no information

  1. Julian date of observation (TDB)
  2. Number of satellite (N: 05 - Amalthea, 14 - Thebe)
  3. Right ascension (alpha, degrees)
  4. Declination (delta, degrees)

JD (TDB)       N  alpha      delta
                   deg.       deg.