planet: 5-Jupiter
  satellites: J1-Io:       122,
              J2-Europe:   122,
              J3-Ganymede:  85,
              J4-Callisto:  35
total number: 364
        type: relative
       dates: 1995-1995
 observatory: 874 - Itajuba (Laboratorio Nacional de Astrofisica)

   Veiga C. H., Vieira Martins R., (1996)
   Astrometric observations of Amalthea and Thebe.
   Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica Serie
   de Conferencias,
   Vol. 4, VIII Reunion Regional LatinoAmericana de Astronomia
   Union Astronomica Internacional, Montevideo, Uruguay,
   Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 1995.
   V. 4. P. 118.

         relative to: 5-Jupiter  
     reference frame: astrometric
     centre of frame: topocentre
    epoch of equinox: J2000.0
          time scale: UTC-3h
           reduction: no information
         coordinates: X, Y
    diff. refraction: no information
            receptor: CCD
           telescope: Ritchey-Chretien reflector, D=1.6 m, F=15.8 m
           observers: Veiga C. H., Vieira Martins R.
 data included in standard data file: no

     The astrometric calibration is made using the galilean
     satellites present on the frames.

  1. Number of observation
  2. Number of the CCD
  3. Year   of the observation
  4. Month  of the observation
  5. Day    of the observation
  6. Hour   of time of observation (UTC-3h)
  7. Minute of time of observation
  8. Seconde of time of observation
  9. Number of satellite (N sat)
 10. X observed, arcsec
 11. Y observed, arcsec
 12. X calculated, arcsec
 13. Y calculated, arcsec
 14. (O-C) X observed - X calculated, arcsec
 15. (O-C) Y observed - Y calculated, arcsec

 N    N      Year        Time      N     Observed     Calculated
obs  CCD       month    UTC-3h    sat  X       Y       X       Y     (O-C)X (O-C)Y
                   day  h  m  s      arcsec  arcsec  arcsec  arcsec  arcsec arcsec