Scientific problematic of the Laboratory

Laboratory of the New Photometric Methods (LNPhM) was organized in 1990 year. The chief of the laboratory Dr. Kornilov Victor G.

The main goal of the Laboratory is multi-color photometric survey of the sky in the optical band.

To solve this problem we work in the following directions:

  • Design and development of the photometric equipment and respective software.
  • Development of the technique, algorithms and software for photometric observations and data reduction.
  • Analysis of existing photometric and spectrophotometric catalogues.

In addition the members of the Laboratory:

  • support and administrate the Institute Local Net
  • investigate variable stars, eclipsing binaries, T Tauri stars etc.

The next projects of sky surveys are in preparation:

  • Multi-color WBVR survey of northern sky up to 9 10m.
  • Multi-color survey of northern sky up to 12 13m with scanning technique.
  • Space multi-color all sky survey up to 14 15m (LYRA project)
  • Extension of WBVR bright northern star survey on Sourthern sky